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a Cool Place for a Cool Neighborhood

Meetup Spot 

A unique place to kick-off your day

or simply stop in along the way.


Come by for a Peet's or Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee While we finish "Joe-to-go"

Since 2016, Old Town Joe has been percolating at the old Carousel cleaners location.  The store will offer a variety of goods sourced from Sausalito or Marin artisans.  Our goal is be sustainable and responsible while offering the best products.  We offer convenience for locals looking for a cool coffee selection, a walk-up window to grab a quick item and a place to just enjoy old town Sausalito.  

With a rich neighborhood history, the area is swarming with warmth and an abundance of creative energy.   Old Town Joe serves as a place to go when you just need a morning jolt, a break from the grind or just need to pick up something for your home.  You can expect great things when you come to Old Town Joe - and we're always open to ideas to enhance the experience as we grow.  


Dear Old Town,

Old Town Joe is a neighborhood general store and coffee stop.  Our main focus is coffee, fresh juices, pastry and snacks.  We will be open for your morning commute throughout the day for your convenience.  This is the plan anyway...

Although we are ready to open we are still in the process of obtaining a health permit from Marin County.  The permitting process has been far more complicated than anticipated and unfortunately we do not know when it will be completed.

In the interim, our general store will be open.  We have sourced earth friendly, ethically manufactured, quality products.  Many are made locally and all of them are cool!  We will be serving complimentary coffee from different local roasters to hold us all over until we are legal.  Please come in and have a cup.

Together with the Golden Gate Market we hope to create a hub in our area where you can walk to purchase items you need and meet up with neighbors.

If GG doesn't have it we will!!

Thanks so much Old Town!  




Home products, quality snacks & drinks, pet items, hardware items and other convenient products

"The new Old Town Joe General Store is absolutely exciting!"

— Local Resident


Explore Sausalito



"we've been waiting a long time for a place like Old town joe to open.  Happy you are here."

— Another Local Resident

Old Town Joe


Sausalito native Doretta Boehm is passionate about Old Town Joe. Doretta was raised in Sausalito's old town area with a strong love for the neighborhood and those who occupy it. Helping to bring a cool presence to this neighborhood, Doretta ventured into starting Old Town Joe where neighbors, tourists and bikers can stop in for a browse around, hang out to chat, grab a coffee and pick up unique items from the general store.  

She learned from her years of experience running Bettina with her sister (Bettina).  Bettina had several stores in San Francisco offering a clothing line appealing to all types of people looking for quality products.  Come by and say hello to Doretta.

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For product information or if you have general questions about orders, vintage furniture available or what's coming next, please contact us with a brief description.  We'd love to hear from you.

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